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  • Song Jiangchen

The director's words

' government the whole country most heavy service trade ', service range its wide dark, nearly ten ' government give a new lease of life to ' sweep across the whole world form an unresistable trend already over the past over years, the whole Japan of advanced country and even Asian of America and Europe, China's Mainland experience invariably the cross-centennial national competition is fierce day by day, strictly enforce ' the government gives a new lease of life to ' to face the challenge only.

And governments makes and can be regarded as another work that should develop continuously forever, need the participation of all government functionaries even more, and the constant one seeks to improve innovation, otherwise difficult to promote and finish this great cross-centennial project effectively.

' the multitudinous policy will start from JingJie ' to have tomorrow to train anciently, therefore the extensive and importance of the ground policy business, and the ground policy business is multifarious through the latitude, there are very many decrees, the project is miscellaneous, how to improve administrative efficiency, strengthen and serve the people, must set up a set of intact and effective administrative systems of land and sound cordial ground policy organs convenient for people at first, the business of the policy, expand service people, strengthen people's centripetal force to the government in order to pursue smoothly.

Our institute improves administrative efficiency by a definite date, and simplified the administrative procedure while shortening the land and registering the homework, implemented the ground policy business computerization in an all-round way since December 21, the 87th year of the Republic of China, person who become policy business march toward important indicator of ' between electronization and networked government ' also for bring along the government give a new lease of life to, strengthen the tactic measure of serving the people, make a self-criticism by scrupulous research, stipulate related to people's rights and interests land affairs, homework procedure and homework stipulate collect cost ' serve the people the work book ' for all circles' reference, facilitate people understand apply for every business, ground of policy, is it do evil through another person others can apply for every place policy business to need.
Place that has not tried the distribution best and slipped, expect all circles advanced the older generation spare no advice, in order to as revising the important reference improved thereafter.

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