• 308 Highlands
  • Song Jiangchen


Director:General in charge of all office affairs.

Secretariat:Assisting the director in general office affairs.

Registration section :Land and building things to register, land and building the ownership of things and change of a right of his to register, every rule fee is it is it is it solve ground policy rule fee to charge only to turn on to check and calculate, is it send registry transcribe copy and is it register case punish to reject to make, the management of the ground book warehouse, the people apply for the case to deal with, other matters relating to registering.

Survey section : And can't build thing of land measurement, book picture again it examine, and can't build book picture there aren't thing the plane figures, eye waits for and adjusts and annotates waiting for and examining definitely to measure the management place eye change of marking the stone, person who measure art of work nationality chief and vice picture and the custody of nationality is revised otherly.

Land valuation section : Implementing the overall equalization of landownership, stipulate the price of land, the present post is declared and checked, the city rows again, industrial land, plan the price of land again, imprison equalization of landownership business while being other, put neck is it put land rent to seek common, is it change to use to compile and edit, land ownership business ( Wasteland, 375 minus rent) ,Analytic accounting, personnel, general affairs, cashier, property management outside the general administration industry, research development, document deal with, allusion quotation observe official seal and belong to every lesson of general administrative businesses.

Accounting unit : Bear the orders and concurrently supervised by the conductor of the organization of analytic accounting of higher leveling of the director, pay attention to the analytic accounting business and wield vertically, annual revenue ( Appear) Compiling the newspaper of the budget, carry out the verifying of work of the inside property in accordance with the law, the registration of the accounting account, verify, put the clearance which examine the funds account in order, keep, give in the establishment accounting vouchers of all kinds of subpoenas and payment certificates, the arranging of accounting report is sent and other relevant analytic accountings administrations, accounting documents deal with the item.

Personnel administrator: The life of bearing the director is handled and organized and worked out, the staff appoint and remove, move to suit well, the rewards and punishments, pay are given, government functionary Quan examine to is it press for, suitable to expire score examine, examine the efficiency evaluation at ordinary times to check case, the arranging and is drafted of the night on duty for the day, employee welfare, recreational activities, the duke assuares, the government functionary retires, resigning from office, dismissing with severance pay, comforting and compensate,etc. the item of the personnel materials is envisioned.

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